Summer Jobs 253 Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Summer Jobs 253 is looking for business partners to host Tacoma High School Students for up to 96 hours of work experience during summer break.

Where do I start?

Respond to the Summer Jobs 253 recruitment letter and send your completed employer commitment form to The REACH Center, Summer Jobs 253, c/o Tacoma Community House by May 1, 2016.


What do I need to start?

To host a student in the program, the employer contribution is $700 per student, and is due by May 31, 2016. We will work with you to make your experiences a success. To get started on the right foot we will:

Provide hour-long training sessions for students’ supervisors
Pick up your students biweekly time cards


What we provide:

Together we can help students graduate from hi-school and gain meaningful work experience and skill to help them enter the work force.


We provide:

  • Training
  • Workplace etiquette training
  • Transportation
  • All payroll functions including wage and L&I management



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