Melissa Huddleston

Barista Training Program

Barista Program Manager

Where is your home Town?
Gig Harbor,WA

What was your professional and personal journey to the nonprofit?
I ran my own coffee shop while attending PLU to obtain my bachelors in Social Work. Years went by. Then, Goodwill hired me for perfect position where coffee and social work come together

What do you consider to be your most important accomplishments and/or awards (professionally focused) ?
Training youth the art of the coffee industry and then helping get a job in that field.

Any speaking engagements, facilitations, and/or published articles or books?
I ran a latte art competition

What are you passionate about?
Coffee industry, exercise and family

What inspires you?
My children

Something quirky about you?
I eat hard boiled eggs every day at 11am.

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