Cheryl Keating

Job Corps

Senior Career Transition Specialist


Where is your home Town?
Pisa, Italy

What was your professional and personal journey to the nonprofit?
I obtained my Bachelors degree in Applied Psychology at EWU; shortly after, I started as an Outreach & Admissions Counselor at Job Corps. Ten years later, I'm still with Job Corps!

What do you consider to be your most important accomplishments and/or awards (professionally focused) ?
I collaborated with West Valley School District in Spokane to create a community truancy board; which, in turn, inspired school districts state-wide to start their own truancy boards.

What are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about traveling. I love visiting new places, researching the history, and tasting new foods. It's a small world filled with adventure!

What inspires you?
My children - Matthew & Eliana. They inspire me to do great work daily so when I get home I can spend quality time with them!

Something quirky about you?
I always talk with my hands...a lot... what can I say? I'm Italian!

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