If you need housing you MUST call Access Point 4 Housing at 253.682.3401.


AP4H will determine qualification and will assess the need for housing.  The REACH Center will refer all callers to AP4H


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Housing 4 Success (H4S) is a new, wraparound service located at the REACH Center for unaccompanied youth & young adults who are experiencing homelessness and puts them in housing first as it then delivers relevant, intensive, life skills to help them get back on track to achieve stable housing and a personal path to self-sufficiency.

H4S serves young adults in Pierce County, ages 16-24 who are experiencing homelessness. These young adults are living throughout the county in emergency shelters, on the streets, in vehicles, in motels, or with friends or relatives in temporary or unsuitable circumstances (couch surfing).

H4S is a case management wrap-around service with home site development and independent living support that builds homeless young people’s self-sufficiency. To meet the outcomes of the  self-sufficiency services delivery, the case managers and the participants will meet on a regular basis as they work together to procure and maintain housing stability and identify other basic needs by working with the various housing and social service agencies and programs located in Tacoma and Pierce County.  More permanent housing will be identified as the participant begins the transition out of temporary housing.

Programming Information:  (Subject to change as more funds are identified)

  1. REACH Center: Independent Housing – 35 units located in the City of Tacoma.
  2. Shared Housing Services: Host Homes – 35 units in Tacoma/Pierce County.
  3. Associated Ministries: Shared Housing – 10 people served.  Homes in Spanaway and Graham.
  4. Vadis: Self-sufficiency – 44 people served.
  5. Case Management:  The REACH Center will provide case management for the REACH Center and Shared Housing Services participants (1:20 ratio).  Associated Ministries will provide case management for the Shared Housing participants.  The case managers will meet on a regular basis with the participants.
  6. Intake assessment  and eligibility will be done by Access Point 4 Housing and then referred to the REACH Center.
  7. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assessment and or counseling will be done if need is identified by the intake assessment.
  8. Moderate Term Housing:  Housing assistance will be available for up to 24 months.
  9. Requirements: Participants must be involved in education or have or actively looking for employment to qualify and stay in housing.
  10. If participant is under 18 years of age then certain legal requirements will need to be met.

By using attending programs at the  REACH Center  the program participants will receive self-sufficiency training, which can include: Young Adult Financial Literacy Course * Healthy Cooking & Nutrition Course * Barista Training program * Computer resource lab * On site GED classes * High School completion programs * On-line Learning * Culinary Skills program * Links to apprenticeships * Job Fairs * Certification programs * Dropout Retrieval *  College placement tests* Career assessments* Employment Portfolio * Job Searches * Practice Interviews * Special Events * Paid internships * On the job training * Construction skill programs * Life Skills classes * Tutoring & Counseling * * Peer Support Worker Leadership Training * Access to food stamps and medical coupons and other entitlements. Oasis has agreed to partner to provide trainings on LGBTIQ.  Also, this project has funds for group leadership and positive youth development functions, such as local retreats, respite weekends, group socio-recreational functions to assist the youth in developing a sense of community and belonging .

H4S partners:

Shared Housing: Shared Housing Services
Independent Living: Pierce County Alliance
Self-sufficiency Training: REACH Center and Vadis
Post-secondary: MDC Educational Opportunity Center
Parenting Classes: Youth for Christ
Family Services: Tacoma Goodwill
WIA: Goodwill, TCH, Central Latino, Vadis, WfC
Training (Non-college): Job Corps, YouthBuild
GED: Bates Technical College
Virtual Learning: Tacoma School District
Internships: WIA, REACH Center
Juvenile Justice: Puget Sound ESD
Legal: TeamChild
Counseling: Comprehensive Life Resources
Medical Care: MDC Homeless Health Care
Substance Abuse: Comprehensive Life Resources and MDC
Translation Services: Tacoma Community House
Landlord Liaison: MDC
Access Point 4 Housing: Associated Ministries

Do you need more information about H4S then email Megan Ostermick

The REACH (Resources for Education and Career Help) Center provides career, education and personal development services for all young adults, ages 16-24, in the Tacoma/Pierce County area. At the REACH Center, young people have access to computers, internships, Job Fairs, tutoring services, GED classes, high school completion programs, and a lot more!


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